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Sensation and Awareness are the seeds of Change.

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Here For You

Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Worry and stress are exhausting and keep us from being present in our relationships and productive at work. Somatic psychotherapy can be specifically helpful in addressing how you live with less anxiety, depression and stress.

Using current body and neuroscience research, we will work directly with your nervous system to help you re-pattern problematic tendencies. 

Being capable of influencing obsessive thoughts, repetitive behaviors, big emotions and paralyzing perspectives is liberating.

With my support, you can be more focused in the areas of your life that are important to you, rather than being hijacked by unwanted emotional states.

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Trauma lives stored in our bodies as behaviors and habits. Trauma can deeply affect how we move through our lives, how we work, have relationships and parent. If you desire to be more aware and free from the limitations trauma creates, you can start by reaching out.
Childhood abuse, work injuries, unexpected accidents, illness, PTSD, relationships and sports injuries can all interrupt our ability to be our best. Emotionally we can become inhibited and lose out on what life has to offer.
Freedom from the legacy of a trauma gives you a new lease on life.

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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a useful exercise for any couple whether you are in a period of unusual stress or everyday growth. My intention with couples is to help them develop new possibilities by understanding what patterns and behaviors are already there, but perhaps not seen or understood.
I work directly and compassionately with
relationship, parenting and sexuality in all configurations of couples.

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Exercise for Mental Health

Somatic Psychotherapy

Your body is the vehicle in which you live your life. Ones ability to organize themselves is the basis for creating change in your life. Exercise can help you alleviate depression, anxiety, trauma and relationship issues. Exercise teaches how you can be a healthier you!


I work closely with Tommy Rosen and the Recovery 2.0 community. Recovery 2.0 is a global community of people who have found a way to overcome addiction and thrive in life. R2.0's philosophy is based on the idea that we are engaged in a never-ending path of discovery. We seek the Truth as it expresses itself in our lives. We embrace the wisdom of numerous spiritual traditions, the Twelve Steps, other recovery modalities, psychology, philosophy, yoga and meditation. Visit Recovery 2.0 at:

I work with individuals and couples who seek to deepen their work in recovery. 

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