The path to enlightenment

You are reading. You are reading and breathing. Somewhere in your body you are holding tension, notice where that tension is. Did you relax the tension you found? Where was it? How much did you relax it? You are practicing awareness right now. You are practicing the path to enlightenment right now. You are understanding. Inherently this is the experience, the doing-ness of the path to enlightenment. Notice that the experience you’re having may or may not be what you consider enlightenment to be and yet, you are present in part to what you are in this moment. The experience of awareness is just that, being aware of the physical, cognitive or situational from the sensorial body we live in as h

Drive your vehicle of change

My work as a Somatic Psychotherapist, Personal trainer and Bodhisattva is to help others engage and participate with themselves. In doing so we create change. Most if not all of my clients are seeking help to understand and establish what changes they would like to make in life. After the clarity of knowing what you want gets established, then the work of change begins. How do I get from here to there? My Zen teacher Reb Anderson once said during a Dharma talk, "You just have to know what you want.". He left that statement lingering in the thick air of a full meditation hall for long moments then followed with, "This is simple, not easy. This is the Buddha's way.". The root of this teaching

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